Be Unstoppable!


What separates the successful from those who are not quite making it? It’s the tools, frameworks, foundations and systems that they have. Foundations that help them to create the kind of total success that seems out of reach to others.


You have the power to create FREEDOM in your life and business. Yes, you can have time freedom, emotional freedom and money freedom.


The only thing that is stopping you is your toolbox. What is missing? Keep reading!


Stepping into this freedom will allow you to thrive and grow in your life and business, and this will make a difference in your relationships and the lives of others around you.


Are you someone who desires to have more time, emotional and money freedom? Are you unclear how to create momentum and take the necessary action steps to attain your desired outcomes? Do you feel stuck and unclear about your vision or where to start? Maybe you are spinning your wheels and would like to be more focused and productive? Or your fear is holding you back?


Here are some tips to add to your toolbox to help you get to the next level of fulfillment and total life success:


  1. Take Action: Any action, no matter how small a step, is taking a step in the right direction. Being IN ACTION is key to getting to the next level. Just be sure it’s action that is focused on where you want to go!
  2. Don’t let fear hold you back or keep your stuck in your tracks. Write down what you fear and create a plan to help work your way through them. Can your fears be challenged? Are limiting beliefs holding you back?
  3. Get Momentum: Stop trying to do it all yourself. Work with a mentor or coach if you really want to break cycles and patterns and uplevel yourself. Or try joining a mastermind group to create focused support and accountability together.
  4. Know and understand the framework you operate from – This impacts all the decisions you make. Understand and explore how you make decisions to meet your needs in both positive and negative ways.
  5. Believe what you desire IS possible for you!


Would you like to discuss your next strategies to your own growth and development…and how to be unstoppable? Email me HERE to discuss your next steps!


Right now is all about you finding your direction and creating momentum so you can have the freedom in your life that’s lasting! Go ahead…I know you can do it!




Learn Secrets to Total Life Success

Walt Disney

Walt Disney showing Disneyland plans to Orange County, CA officials.


Did you know that Walt Disney was rejected 302 times before he got financing to build Disneyland?


And did you know that Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting to a friend in his lifetime, and he still completed over 800 pieces and the most expensive one now sells for over $142 million?


Here’s the deal. I know you are juggling a lot of hats and trying to keep things together in each area of your life. And sometimes it can be discouraging when things aren’t fitting together.


It can be pretty frustrating to feel stuck or like ‘this is the best it can be,” when we are getting stressed out, not making progress as we would like and overall feeling unfulfilled with our lives and where we are “at”. To be honest with you, I just don’t want this for you – Ever!


Some of my clients even have experienced the opposite of what was just described. They are uber successful in their career/biz yet struggle similarly with being happy and fulfilled. They have not been able to find a rhythm and integrate the different parts of their lives together so they can feel that total success.


So don’t wait and put off finding your total life success…I made a free speaker series for you and you can get access immediately! (Please don’t put this off because this event is time sensitive!)


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When this project began, I signed about 8 speakers and then hit a stuck point.


I had to recommit myself and was able to push through the holidays (which can be a difficult time to get responses) and ended up with 30 amazing industry experts to share their top secrets to success with you!


The Secrets to Total Life Success


New friendships and collaborations have sprouted from these efforts and I’ve even been invited to several events, business opportunities and a few volunteer and vacation offers too!


You see this is what I truly love…Connecting with others. And this is what I want to GIVE TO YOU because when we connect we can learn from each other, and then we can be that much closer to achieving the success we desire, as we define it, in our own lives.


This event is about growth, making a difference and quite simply showing up! These industry experts, best-selling authors and featured media experts will give you ultimate business and life success strategies! This is intended to help you maximize your TOTAL LIFE SUCCESS!


I’m hosting the event because I KNOW it can make a difference for you – that you will benefit and grow and have a wealthy, happy and much bigger life for yourself!


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Celebrate and Focus the New Year in 6-Step Process

As we start the New Year, not only is it a time to recommit to what this next year will bring, but it is also a time to reflect and CELEBRATE the accomplishments we have achieved over the past months, both the small and the bigger ones! Of course sometimes it is only those bigger ones that we focus on, and remembering the smaller moments (that build and create the bigger moments) can be forgotten.


Writing a noteEach year my family keeps a round vase in the middle of the table with slips of colored paper next to it. Throughout the year we write memories, accomplishments, funny incidents, etc. on the papers and put them in the jar. Then on New Years day, with a full jar of colored paper memories, we sit together and read them all aloud! It is so amazing and a wonderful way to capture a whole year.


It also teaches us how to celebrate the little things and the importance of taking time to reflect. I’m sure if we didn’t keep the jar and just had a conversation about our year, so many of the smaller, building block experiences would be forgotten or not mentioned at the least. We so enjoy the conversations and celebration (and smiles) these memories bring and they are a great lead in to setting intentions for the New Year!


It is these little moments and accomplishments that are so important to CELEBRATE. They are the BUILDING BLOCKS to all the things we create in our lives.


It is so easy to get black and white about things, especially in our careers and business. But what if you took a moment to celebrate what you learned in each moment—not necessarily whether it was “successful” or a “win”? Perhaps the “win” and piece to celebrate is the learning experience itself, or the fact that you tried something new or took a step out of needing to be perfect?


I have learned so many lessons personally about Celebration over the years. For every moment I find myself feeling like I didn’t accomplish something to my “desire”, I often come back with a “what I am learning is…..” which gives me the permission to keep going and keep trying new things rather than staying stuck or in inaction. Plus, in all honesty, it’s just a nicer way to live my life!


Here is 6-Step Strategy to FOCUS AND CELEBRATE to start off your New Year:


  1. Write down a list of things you accomplished in this past year. Take a moment to Celebrate your growth and recognize all the steps you have taken. To make this easier, break this down into different areas of your life: relationships/family, business, health, etc.
  2. Now for the New Year, pick a goal you have in each of the following areas (Business/career, Life/Relationships, Health) and write it down.
  3. Post these 3 goals on your wall or a bulletin board to help you stay focused.
  4. Have a weekly meeting with yourself to assess progress in each area. Find something to CELEBRATE each week as growth to help you move forward into the next week. (If you get stuck one week, then focus on the “what I learned” celebration statement! For example: I have learned I still need help with xxxx; I have learned I’m really good at xxxx; I have learned this is an area that is a weak spot for me with this particular goal; I have learned how good it feels to stay focused and I’m committed to doing this again next week,etc). Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again! So let’s just keep things moving for you!
  5. At the end of your weekly meeting, Recommit to your focus and create a plan to help you move into the next week. Write it down!
  6. At the end of each month, assess and celebrate if you want to keep the goals in each topic area or set new ones.


Try this method to help you Focus and Celebrate yourself ongoing in 2015.


What will your 3 specific goals be for this month?


Send me a message and let me get to know you. Or if you need support or would want to find out about other programs I am offering in 2015, contact me HERE.



So You Want To Be A Pro?

I just had to share this with you!


As I’m writing this, I’m preparing to be on my way downtown to Day 2 of my 3-day business training. It’s my 2nd year attending the Zone Event and it’s amazing as expected! I love so many things about it, not to mention all the great networking and inspirational people!


Yesterday my Coach talked about the difference between Amateur and Pro. This reminded me of a book, Turning Pro, which I highly recommend.


Some of the things about being “in Amateur” in your life and business include blaming, hoping, being indecisive, focused on survival, and waiting for inspiration.


In contrast, being “in Pro” means having commitment and taking responsibility, creating plans and being decisive, being focused on effort and knowing it takes effort to get to your bigger vision, and being able to problem solve. Pros don’t take things personally and recommit to always finish what they started she said.


Professional or amateur

So out of curiosity, how you would assess your current status for how you are operating in life: Amateur or Pro?


Which are you playing in more-pro or amateur?


We all go in and out of both arenas, but where do you want to exist primarily? PRO I hope! These are definitely skills I know you have so the challenge is how to grow into them more consistently and when faced with obstacles and other unexpected challenges.


I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this so feel free to leave a comment below and share with me!


With Love and Success and a Commitment to being “Pro”,



6 Strategies Successful Business Owners Use To Achieve Success and Growth

Knowing all of your successful moments throughout your business, how many other times can you recall a period that you played small or didn’t step into your best plan? Or perhaps you retreated because you didn’t have the support you needed, felt overwhelmed and uncertain or just couldn’t find the time to take action?


Ultimately this pattern leaves business opportunities and money on the table. And any momentum forward is greatly challenged. This getting stuck and overwhelm feeling is a place all too familiar to many business owners.


But you do not have to stay here. Using simple strategies to focus and implement action with clarity will help you take your business to the next level!


Make a list of your goalsHere are a few STRATEGIES to support your GROWTH in BUSINESS:


  1. DECIDE and write down exactly what strategy and action you plan to take. Be super clear about what your goal is for this strategy.


  1. GET CLEAR about your deeper WHY (you want to have this success and growth) as it will serve to keep you focused and driven.


  1. COMMIT and stick to it– this is where the fears/doubts can really throw you off track but since you created a clear why and solid plan to begin with, don’t get detoured! Stay on track and cross the finish line.


  1. FOCUS on your plan. Do not get distracted by some new shiny object. This is a good time to seek support from a mentor or coach. Most successful business owners that I know have coaches. Professional athletes have coaches. It works.


  1. CREATE new solutions for managing those noises in your head and doubts when they come up. Learn what you need to push through and when you need to take a time out or listen and readjust something in your plan.


  1. RELAX! People that run marathons pace themselves. You cannot always be in a sprint. Growing your business is like a marathon. Take breaks, be active and be creative in whatever ways work for you to release tension and refuel yourself and your energy.


What is one thing you are willing to do today to grow your business? Please leave your comment below!


If you are interested and want to make the last few months of this year a success, contact me HERE for a FREE Strategy Call to discuss your personal coaching options available. I want to support you towards achieving even greater success!


6 Mindset Shifts You Need for Success

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!” Do you remember this story, The Little Engine That Could? I love this childhood story and I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have used this phrase.

The little engine that could

As even children’s characters will attest, a winning mindset is a trait to be sought after. It attracts happiness, health, fulfillment and success. But what is a mindset, really?


A mindset is a person’s established set of attitudes that are based on their assumptions. These assumptions then determine a person’s reactions to and interpretations of any event, environment or situation.


Whether positive or negative, a person’s mindset is engrained, habitual and affects all aspects of his or her professional and personal life.


Is Your Mindset Propelling You Forward or Holding You Back?


When facing a new challenge, do you react with confidence, knowing that with time, effort and practice you can succeed? Or do you find yourself questioning your abilities, talent and motivation?


Do you view failure as simply part of the process? Or do you avoid challenges in order to preserve your pride?


When you encounter setbacks and criticism, do you recalibrate and persevere or simply give up to save face?


How a person interprets and answers those questions gives insight into what type of mindset they have.


Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, identifies two general mindsets in her book Mindset. They are: fixed and growth.


Fixed Mindset


  • Talent and intelligence is static
  • It’s better to avoid challenges
  • It’s okay (even preferable) to quit before failure
  • Effort is pointless
  • Ignores useful criticism and feedback
  • Views success of others as a threat


Growth Mindset


  • Talent and intelligence can be developed
  • Embraces challenges to grow
  • Failure is an opportunity for learning
  • Effort leads to mastery and success
  • Uses criticism and feedback to improve
  • Finds inspiration and learning from the success of others


It’s easy to tell someone to develop a growth mindset, but how can a person really shift and change their own mindset? Below are six ways to begin.


Six Mindset Shifts to Enhance Success

  1. Embrace failure instead of avoiding it. The faster the failure, the quicker the learning. Before starting his auto manufacturing company, Henry Ford failed at his first several businesses. What would the industrial landscape look like had he given up after his first try? Remember, embracing failure also means success can arrive that much sooner.
  2. Think abundance instead of scarcity. When it comes to spending money on self-improvement, many people get into resistance due to cost. But people are attracted to those who believe in and value themselves. Instead of thinking of personal growth as an expense, re-frame it as an investment in your future and all possible opportunities to come.
  3. Embrace challenges. People who have a mindset of “growth” realize that challenges are just opportunities in disguise, and they choose to actively seek them out. Even the most challenging of situations we can learn from.
  4. Use setbacks as learning opportunities. No matter what your situation is or how much you have planned, obstacles will surface. We do not have a crystal ball and no one can predict with any real accuracy what type of obstacles and setbacks may occur. Instead of wasting energy trying to prevent the unknown, tackle obstacles using your problem solving skills (there are always at least 3 different options) so that you can grow through the moment.
  5. Don’t take it personally. While it can be difficult in the moment, some of the best opportunities for personal and professional growth stem from leveraging harsh criticism and feedback. How well do you listen to the complaints from the people surrounding you in your life?
  6. Stop re-inventing the wheel. Instead of resenting others for what they have accomplished, look to them to learn how they did it and turn that to your advantage. Surround yourself by success and grow!


Incorporating these simple, strategic shifts in mindset will not only provide opportunity for growth and positive outcomes and results (ie. bottom line), but will also support you in building self-confidence, determination, endurance and action towards productivity and fulfillment!


Do you have a mindset tool that helps you grow? Share it here or comment on any of the above strategies and how they have helped you in your life and business.


WHAT ROCKS YOU? Use Music to Make A Shift!

There is a lot of power in music isn’t there? If you think about it, when you watch a movie, the intensity of the scene increases by the music that is being played, right?

So one of my favorite TIPS for you this week is to have a “Playlist”! Yes, I’m talking music – current tunes, oldies, musicals or whatever makes you SMILE! You really only have to pick a couple songs, give the PLAYLIST a fun name, and go to it when you need that little extra motivation or inspiration!

Woman listening to music with headphones. What's on your playlist?

SERIOUSLY…this really works! I have shifted my mood, changed my mindset and refocused simply by putting some music on!

I just successfully used this strategy with a client. She needed a tool to redirect herself when she was slipping into a negative space where she felt overwhelmed and frustrated. You see when you start to get overwhelmed or simply feel unmotivated, this technique will not only distract you, but will actually shift you internally and give you strength and motivation – especially if you use the music and your positive thoughts to work through the moment! And hey, if you stand up and dance or sing along, that won’t hurt either!

Maybe you remember a time you went to a live conference or workshop— think about when you are walking into an event. Don’t they play really upbeat, pick-me-up music to get the crowd warmed up? What about when you have to clean house? Yes, I have been known to put some fun music on for that task, and when the kids were little we even had a song we used for brushing teeth (from the movie Madagascar!).

What are the right songs? The right song FOR YOU is whatever it is that motivates you! What inspires you? What songs fill you with joy or put a smile on your face? Perhaps it’s a song with specific lyrics. (I have to say what comes to mind for me right now is the song ‘Brave’ by Sara Bareilles!)

Go ahead and pick a song for your Playlist RIGHT NOW! If you need some help or inspiration, click on over to my facebook page as I put up a post so everyone can reply and share suggestions and favorites. You will be able to start with ideas for your list immediately!

Want music that rocks AND the support of someone who believes in you and will support you to reach your goals and desires? Click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab in right corner and schedule a free consultation!


6 Leadership Success Qualities

Amazing leaders are made, not born, so each and every one of you has the opportunity to hone your leadership skills and become the leader you want to be. You can think also of being a leader in all different parts of your life! Here are some of the top qualities that great leaders possess.


Good leadership

Fairness – It is important to look at what is best for your whole team/business and great leaders are able to put their own feelings aside.


Knowledge – Leaders ask questions and get as many details about a situation as possible before making decisions.


Decisiveness – Amazing leaders always proclaim their decision and stand by it 100%, even if they are secretly indecisive.


Good communication skills – An effective and successful leader keeps their team members apprised of all decisions that affect the team.


Honesty – Successful leaders share as much information as they can with those working around them.


Trustworthy – Successful leaders consistently tell the truth, keep the communication lines open and keep their team’s best interest in mind.


Of course, these are just a few of the many characteristics that make up a successful leader. What other qualities do you find yourself expressing when you successfully lead a group?



A High-Performance Secret on Leadership

What kind of leader are you?


I love this topic and term: Quiet Leadership. I believe there are all kinds of leaders and styles of leadership. However, one of the most powerful I have ever seen and experienced is “Quiet Leadership”.


When we think of leadership, we think of the commanding, visionary person who takes charge in a time of crisis and leads his company to victory when all seems lost. Although this type of leader is what we think of most, another form of leadership, “quiet leadership,” ultimately may be more effective at achieving high performance.


One of the primary traits of quiet leadership is leading by example, and eliciting the behavior you want by demonstrating it, rather than just telling others to do it.


Daniel Goleman’s recent book, Primal Leadership, suggests that a coaching style of leadership may best describe the qualities of the quiet leader. “The coaching style is the least-used tool in the leader’s toolkit,” says Goleman, “probably because it doesn’t look like leadership.” As a coach or mentor may do, quiet leaders can facilitate breakthroughs by asking guided questions over giving orders or advice. And what better way to empower others. An important key to helping others achieve and stick with change is their ownership of their new behaviors.


And quiet leadership isn’t just for those at the top, but applies across the spectrum, from the leader in all levels of management, to solo entrepreneurs, to leaders of the community fundraiser, and to the leader of the 12 year old soccer team. So what about you? What kind of leader are you?



Take Steps to Achieve More In 2014!

So I want this to inspire you to get clear and focused for the remainder of the year! You know, July is over and there are 5 months remaining in 2014. I’m not writing this to scare you that the clock is ticking, but rather it’s time to stop wishing and to start taking action to MAKE something happen!


So take a moment and ask yourself, what are the top 6-7 things I’d like to see happen in my life AND business?


Make a schedule and stick to it!Next, circle your top 2 for your business and 1 for your personal life –whatever really stands out and gets you excited! Now CREATE a plan of action to put these into play in the next 30-60 days. This means take out a calendar and map out a plan of action with a deadline at the end for your success!


But wait, are these items income producing for your business? Make sure if your goal is to increase your business income (which was one of the overwhelming areas of need identified in a recent survey I posted), that you FOCUS on steps that generate income for your business! That’s right, often this is what business owners inadvertently miss as they get distracted in the busy work and things that you can spend hours on but don’t really have a direct impact on your end game of making money in your business.


So now, get really focused, take a look at the list you just made, and DECIDE what you want to laser in on in your business and life right now and do it!   Remember, deciding is the most important step here.


Decide, commit and make a plan of action.


I honestly see a lot of people at this point drift off, not make a plan and then of course, they don’t get the results they want. No excuses today, and if you are having trouble at this point, send me a message and I’m happy to hop on a call with you.


Finally, I want you to plan out how you can spend a little time every day working on this specific goal. Use a calendar and schedule time daily. And, if you really want to hold yourself to these next steps, post your plan publicly or in a group, ask a friend to be an accountability partner and post your goals up in several places in your home and office. I always find when we speak up about what we are doing, then we create energy to help us fall in line with and really commit to our next steps!


I’d love to hear what awesome action you have in store for the rest of 2014. Send me a message with your next steps!