6 Strategies Successful Business Owners Use To Achieve Success and Growth

Knowing all of your successful moments throughout your business, how many other times can you recall a period that you played small or didn’t step into your best plan? Or perhaps you retreated because you didn’t have the support you needed, felt overwhelmed and uncertain or just couldn’t find the time to take action?


Ultimately this pattern leaves business opportunities and money on the table. And any momentum forward is greatly challenged. This getting stuck and overwhelm feeling is a place all too familiar to many business owners.


But you do not have to stay here. Using simple strategies to focus and implement action with clarity will help you take your business to the next level!


Make a list of your goalsHere are a few STRATEGIES to support your GROWTH in BUSINESS:


  1. DECIDE and write down exactly what strategy and action you plan to take. Be super clear about what your goal is for this strategy.


  1. GET CLEAR about your deeper WHY (you want to have this success and growth) as it will serve to keep you focused and driven.


  1. COMMIT and stick to it– this is where the fears/doubts can really throw you off track but since you created a clear why and solid plan to begin with, don’t get detoured! Stay on track and cross the finish line.


  1. FOCUS on your plan. Do not get distracted by some new shiny object. This is a good time to seek support from a mentor or coach. Most successful business owners that I know have coaches. Professional athletes have coaches. It works.


  1. CREATE new solutions for managing those noises in your head and doubts when they come up. Learn what you need to push through and when you need to take a time out or listen and readjust something in your plan.


  1. RELAX! People that run marathons pace themselves. You cannot always be in a sprint. Growing your business is like a marathon. Take breaks, be active and be creative in whatever ways work for you to release tension and refuel yourself and your energy.


What is one thing you are willing to do today to grow your business? Please leave your comment below!


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