How Well Do You Motivate Others? 6 quick motivational leadership tips!

Part of leading, whether in your family or at work, is knowing how to really listen and motivate others around you. Motivating your team, or family members, is imperative to the well being ofthe team and the accomplishment of the goal. While motivating others isn’t always easy, there are ways you can help to unleash the power and potential of others.


Here are a few powerful leadership skills you can easily incorporate to bring out the best in others:


1. Ask questions rather than give direct orders.


2. Give specific and sincere praise for accomplishments, so as to let people know that you have noticed.


3. Get to know those around you and what makes them tick. Understand the needs that they are driven by and speak to those areas within that person.


4. Celebrate successes.


5. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


6. Respect the professionalism and expertise of those around you. Ask for their input, involve them in planning, and give them autonomy and authority to get it done!


Motivating others isn’t always easy. But because it doesn’t really come from you and it comes from within each person, it may be easier than you think. It’s not about what you have to control, but about what you can help unleash! Make a difference and help those around you thrive!

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