WHAT ROCKS YOU? Use Music to Make A Shift!

There is a lot of power in music isn’t there? If you think about it, when you watch a movie, the intensity of the scene increases by the music that is being played, right?

So one of my favorite TIPS for you this week is to have a “Playlist”! Yes, I’m talking music – current tunes, oldies, musicals or whatever makes you SMILE! You really only have to pick a couple songs, give the PLAYLIST a fun name, and go to it when you need that little extra motivation or inspiration!

Woman listening to music with headphones. What's on your playlist?

SERIOUSLY…this really works! I have shifted my mood, changed my mindset and refocused simply by putting some music on!

I just successfully used this strategy with a client. She needed a tool to redirect herself when she was slipping into a negative space where she felt overwhelmed and frustrated. You see when you start to get overwhelmed or simply feel unmotivated, this technique will not only distract you, but will actually shift you internally and give you strength and motivation – especially if you use the music and your positive thoughts to work through the moment! And hey, if you stand up and dance or sing along, that won’t hurt either!

Maybe you remember a time you went to a live conference or workshop— think about when you are walking into an event. Don’t they play really upbeat, pick-me-up music to get the crowd warmed up? What about when you have to clean house? Yes, I have been known to put some fun music on for that task, and when the kids were little we even had a song we used for brushing teeth (from the movie Madagascar!).

What are the right songs? The right song FOR YOU is whatever it is that motivates you! What inspires you? What songs fill you with joy or put a smile on your face? Perhaps it’s a song with specific lyrics. (I have to say what comes to mind for me right now is the song ‘Brave’ by Sara Bareilles!)

Go ahead and pick a song for your Playlist RIGHT NOW! If you need some help or inspiration, click on over to my facebook page as I put up a post so everyone can reply and share suggestions and favorites. You will be able to start with ideas for your list immediately!

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