Celebrate and Focus the New Year in 6-Step Process

As we start the New Year, not only is it a time to recommit to what this next year will bring, but it is also a time to reflect and CELEBRATE the accomplishments we have achieved over the past months, both the small and the bigger ones! Of course sometimes it is only those bigger ones that we focus on, and remembering the smaller moments (that build and create the bigger moments) can be forgotten.


Writing a noteEach year my family keeps a round vase in the middle of the table with slips of colored paper next to it. Throughout the year we write memories, accomplishments, funny incidents, etc. on the papers and put them in the jar. Then on New Years day, with a full jar of colored paper memories, we sit together and read them all aloud! It is so amazing and a wonderful way to capture a whole year.


It also teaches us how to celebrate the little things and the importance of taking time to reflect. I’m sure if we didn’t keep the jar and just had a conversation about our year, so many of the smaller, building block experiences would be forgotten or not mentioned at the least. We so enjoy the conversations and celebration (and smiles) these memories bring and they are a great lead in to setting intentions for the New Year!


It is these little moments and accomplishments that are so important to CELEBRATE. They are the BUILDING BLOCKS to all the things we create in our lives.


It is so easy to get black and white about things, especially in our careers and business. But what if you took a moment to celebrate what you learned in each moment—not necessarily whether it was “successful” or a “win”? Perhaps the “win” and piece to celebrate is the learning experience itself, or the fact that you tried something new or took a step out of needing to be perfect?


I have learned so many lessons personally about Celebration over the years. For every moment I find myself feeling like I didn’t accomplish something to my “desire”, I often come back with a “what I am learning is…..” which gives me the permission to keep going and keep trying new things rather than staying stuck or in inaction. Plus, in all honesty, it’s just a nicer way to live my life!


Here is 6-Step Strategy to FOCUS AND CELEBRATE to start off your New Year:


  1. Write down a list of things you accomplished in this past year. Take a moment to Celebrate your growth and recognize all the steps you have taken. To make this easier, break this down into different areas of your life: relationships/family, business, health, etc.
  2. Now for the New Year, pick a goal you have in each of the following areas (Business/career, Life/Relationships, Health) and write it down.
  3. Post these 3 goals on your wall or a bulletin board to help you stay focused.
  4. Have a weekly meeting with yourself to assess progress in each area. Find something to CELEBRATE each week as growth to help you move forward into the next week. (If you get stuck one week, then focus on the “what I learned” celebration statement! For example: I have learned I still need help with xxxx; I have learned I’m really good at xxxx; I have learned this is an area that is a weak spot for me with this particular goal; I have learned how good it feels to stay focused and I’m committed to doing this again next week,etc). Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again! So let’s just keep things moving for you!
  5. At the end of your weekly meeting, Recommit to your focus and create a plan to help you move into the next week. Write it down!
  6. At the end of each month, assess and celebrate if you want to keep the goals in each topic area or set new ones.


Try this method to help you Focus and Celebrate yourself ongoing in 2015.


What will your 3 specific goals be for this month?


Send me a message and let me get to know you. Or if you need support or would want to find out about other programs I am offering in 2015, contact me HERE.