Ways to Cultivate a More Curious Life

As discussed last week, curiosity is a quality that can bring life, relationships and business to a new level. Curiosity can create new experiences and connections as well as improve communications. So often when we shut off our curiosity, we miss opportunities that could help us get out of potential negative or “complacent” patterns and possibly shift into something more aspiring and meaningful.

Below are 3 Ways to Practice Cultivating Curiosity:

  1. Questions. Practice asking questions with openness and neutrality. Practice with others you don’t know well (ie. in stores) and with people closer to you. Stop thinking you know all the answers…be open to being surprised!
  2. Inquiries. An inquiry is an open-ended question designed to broaden your perspective. For example: “What would make life a daring adventure for me?” “Where in my life do I assume I already know?”
  3. Assumptions. These impact how we treat strangers as well as loved ones. Challenge yourself and the meaning you assign to things. Check your assumptions by asking, “What if that’s not true?” What other choices would you possibly make then?

If you truly want to expand your excitement, joy and fulfillment in life, business and relationships, sprinkle doses of curiosity all around and observe the fabulous adventure life can be!


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