About Kim

Kim Jones Hello! I’m Kim Jones and my goal is to work with you to ACHIEVE MORE and create the business and lifestyle you dream about! Since we all have a slightly different prioritization of goals and values, we will join together to identify and create a customized action plan that’s right for you and then make your vision a reality! By working together, I will support you to grow your passion, your business, overcome obstacles and create strategies to obtain amazing outcomes.


My background working in business started when I was a teenager, creating small businesses or working part-time jobs to have the income to do the extra things I enjoyed. My motto to work hard/play hard definitely ignited at a young age. Now I am inspired by the saying: work hard, play harder! (what else can you do but grow and set new goals, right?) And then again, who would complain if in time you got to work less, MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND CREATE A LIFESTYLE THAT THRIVES?!


I hope to utilize my experiences and vast training to help deliver a “wow” experience to you—one of growth and compassion to create positive and impactful transformation! My training in strategic intervention as well as my 15+ years in the counseling industry has given me insights and practical tools to help guide you in this process. I have also worked in the advertising industry, worked in the school systems as well as started up several children’s programs, both in non-profit and for-profit organizations.


I am a certified Strategic Intervention Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach Training program (as a founding class member). My certification as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach is cuppled with training as a Marriage Educator. Additionally I’ve had personal training/consultation with Cloe Madanes, a world renowned interventionist, in these strategic intervention methods developed by RMT collaboratively with Tony Robbins and Mark Peysha. Still want to know more? I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and a Bachelors degree in Communications from UC Santa Barbara. You see, I have been actively engaged in learning and growth always!


I currently live in San Diego, California raising my incredible 3 children and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Managing two businesses, 3 active children and still finding some me time isn’t easy but I am making it happen! I feel so fortunate to have both a career that I’m passionate about as well as time to fully engage and be present with my family. You might even find me taking bar method fitness classes, playing a little soccer or coaching my kids, hiking with our dog and even flying on the trapeze! I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling and snow skiing, reading, photography, and volunteering in my community.


So, let’s begin to expand your vision and business – I can only imagine what is next for you! Our work together will deliver actionable steps, help you implement systems and guide you towards a solid plan to effectively GROW your business and follow your passions, simultaneously creating an AMAZING lifestyle to thrive in!


Kim Jones



Lifestyle & Business Coach / Strategic Intervention Coach